Auction: Sydney, Sunday 19 June 2016


“As with many of his photographs, […] Dupain has captured recognisable Australian experiences which are ‘subjects’ not only of his time but for foreseeable times and which his brilliant craft has seized and, in some instances, elevated into the iconic images.”
Jill White

(Lot 174) MAX DUPAIN, Meat Queue 1946, silver gelatin photograph, 40.5 x 50.5 cm

If any photographer is said to have captured the spirit and character of the Australian people, that artist could be Max Dupain. Whether, he was shooting around the beaches of Bondi, the stalls at Paddy's Market, or the seemingly deserted plains of Outback Australia, the presence of the human figure, remained central to his art. Sometimes this presence is merely implied, as it is by a discarded and decaying wheel in Queensland Landscape 1978. At other times, the shot entirely centred on the figure, such as Little Aussie 1942. Often, the images have entered into the realm of photo-documentary, an eloquent example being Meat Queue 1946.

(Lot 356) MAX DUPAIN, Little Aussie 1942, silver gelatin photograph, 29 x 30 cm

Dupain was also a highly regarded portrait photographer. Throughout his career, he captured on film, some key personalities – some of which have become extremely popular. We are delighted that the Estate of Max Dupain contains many of these examples including, Norman Lindsay 1936, Russell Drysdale 1960s, and Patrick White 1987.

(Lot 365) MAX DUPAIN, Norman Lindsay 1936, silver gelatin photograph, 40 x 29 cm


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